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THE THERAPIST WRITER: Helping Mental Health Professionals Get Published by Sylvia Cary, LMFT 

     Once upon a time, most licensed mental health practitioners were in private practice. As economic times got tougher, many therapists ramped up business by specializing in “niche” markets, becoming the go-to experts on “bi-polar disorder,” “acting-out teens,” or “post-partum depression.” Others focused on teaching or doing workshops.  When managed care rolled over the country, many therapists jumped on the bandwagon and got themselves on panels as providers, only to end up feeling frustrated with their managed care experiences (such as low fees and inconsistent referrals and reimbursements) so they looked around for newer and more creative ways to pep up their practices. One thing that many professionals have discovered is really good for business is writing a book.  And they’ve learned it’s definitely doable. That’s what The Therapist Writer is all about: Helping therapists through all phases of writing a book and getting it published. Unlike general books on writing, The Therapist Writer addresses issues specific to mental health professionals, such as writing about clients and the sensitive issue of confidentiality. Examples given are related to the therapist’s world. 



     "Side-splitting, laugh-out-loud, zany fun. A major debut." -- Jon Land, best-selling author of  Caitlin Strong novels.

    "Witty, charming, compelling and a little bit naughty." -- C.E. Lawrence, author of the highlyacclaimed Lee Campbell thrillers.

     Lily Handy has problems. Her agent hanged himself in the shower, her television series has been cancelled, and her self-esteem is badly flagging. When she goes to Brandauers department store to redeem a free cosmetic gift, she finds instead that someone has dropped the twenty million dollar Tanzanian diamond into the pocket of her Lauren Bacall trench coat. The thief is trying to retrieve it, Lily’s acting class, especially the mob connected Richard Bizotti, and the exotic dancer, Casey Bennett are trying to help, but when Lily gets too close for comfort, bodies start showing up and Lily realizes she better find the thief before she ends up in someone’s pocket.


CHARLIE & ME: A MEMOIR by Harriet Bronson  

The story of Harriett Bronson’s sixteen-year marriage to international box office superstar, Charles Bronson. On their first date, Charlie had four cents in his pocket. He went on to become one of the highest paid actors in the country. Charlie became a familiar face on movie and TV screens across America for his menacing portrayals of Indians, Italians, Slavs, and sundry ethnic “heavies,” eventually moving into leading roles. He starred or co-starred in such blockbusters as THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, THE DIRTY DOZEN, THE GREAT ESCAPE and DEATH WISH. He died in 2003 and is buried in Vermont. The book was a finalist in the 2011 Global Ebook Awards sponsored by publishing guru, Dan Poynter. 

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