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A privileged young woman must overcome her dependency on her doting parents and her enabling husband before she can conquer her deadly addictions.

“This engaging, beautifully crafted, tragic and hilarious memoir is the perfect read for anyone who’s cosmically linked to an addict or alcoholic of any gender, ethnicity or age and who cannot understand why in the hell they ‘just don’t stop.’  It’s also a great read; I couldn’t put it down.”  —  Kathryn Connell Christy, Documentary  Writer/Producer, History Channel

Winner, Writers’ League of Texas Mozelle Memoir Contest

Lean On You
by Gretchen Havens

Faster than you can say, “Make mine a double,” Gretchen and Joe, two alcoholics, fall in love after meeting in a southern California mental hospital. Her increasing dependency on Joe, and her intense attachment to her well-heeled parents, are just two of the addictions that rule Gretchen’s messy life.

Eventually, even Gretchen’s indulgent parents lose their patience with her erratic behavior. Joe, now her husband, dutifully continues to hide her car keys when she drinks and to find hospitals where she can detox. But then, a catastrophe puts an end to his role as her rescuer. Fresh out of enablers, Gretchen is forced to turn to the one person she’s never counted on before: herself.

In a memoir spiked with twists and turns, author Gretchen Havens relates a fierce, often quirky journey to independence, taking it far beyond a tale of redemption from alcohol and drugs. Lean on You is a multi-layered story of hard-fought individuation, the evolution of an aimless young woman to an aware adult, told in a voice that sings with poignant humor and no holds barred humanity.

What Others Are Saying

“Amazing book! Gretchen Havens slapped my face, rattled my cage and pulled my chain while tickling my funny bone and strumming at my heart strings.”
Bo Johnson, Author of Half Crazy Ain’t Good Enough

“I kept wanting to read the next page and the next, to see who was still standing, and who hit the deck. It was like traveling the fast lane on steroids.  Sometimes I would pause after reading one of Havens’s  life episodes and literally feel exhausted.”
Roger Kotila, Ph.D., Psychologist

“By turns poignant and wickedly funny, Havens’ journey from self-destruction to self-reliance is an addiction in itself—to the reader, who will find her account nearly impossible to put down.”
— Marian Szczepanski, Author of Playing St. Barbara

“The scenes! So clear and dynamic. Definitely the author’s gift. There is also a wonderful clarity about her voice, a naiveté that is an intrinsic part of her style and humor. Very winning, it draws one in, safely.”
Iris Stockbridge, Ph.D., Retired Professor of English, Houston Community College

“Havens holds back no secrets. Through letters, remembered conversations, and a unique author’s voice, she offers a look behind the scenes of a life most of us hope we’ll never live. She also offers encouragement to anyone caught in the disease.”
— Carolyn Dahl, Author of Natural Impressions, Co-Author of The Painted Door Opened 

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